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How I Work

  • Upon arrival at your barn I will work with the horse in his own stall.
  • I will observe their overall condition (weight, coat condition).
  • I will examine the head for symmetry.
  • Then I will check for edges on the premolars and molars.
  • Check the incisors for broken teeth, misalignment and overall condition.
  • Check to see if there are wolf teeth and discuss if they could interfere with the bit.
  • If there are canine teeth they will be cleaned and rounded down.
  •  Molars and premolars will be hand floated.
  • Cheeks and tongue will be examined for ulcers or lacerations.
  • Depending on the individual horse, I may: Remove points, Balance and align the molars, remove deciduous teeth (Caps baby teeth), removal of hooks reduce ramps, wave step mouths, bit seats, wolf teeth, reduce canines, molar & incisor extraction, and tartar removal.


Ken Pankow, Equine Dentist